For the love of all things wooden.

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For the love of all things wooden.

We’ve heard about the wooden car with the wooden seats, wooden wheels, wooden gears, wooden brakes and wooden lights. You know, the one that wooden move. But damn it must’ve been pretty!

I’ve acquired a recent penchant for wooden stuff – it’s casual yet classy, timeless, fits most outfits/setting and is safely hipster, if there’s even such a thing – you know, like being borderline hipster so you stand out juuuusssttt a little bit, but not stick out like a sore thumb.

I’ve long gotten over the fact that Taobao sells stuff on the absolute cheap – nowadays I’m more intrigued by the variety of stuff you can find, particularly the odd ones. So why not feed my wood addiction by adding the word 木 into every search I make on Taobao?

Goes swimmingly with my white/khaki outfit and extremely useful as a conversation starter if you’re shy like me. Just scratch your nose with your watch hand when they’re looking and try to catch if their eyes stray to your wrist.

Ok I’m cheating a bit here. It’s not really wood, but it does look like it and other people are none the wiser.

This one is a great coup for folks who don’t have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S. All the nicest phone covers cater to those two, and if your phone is really obscure, you might even struggle to find a basic cover for your phone. Just search “<insert phone model> 手机壳” and you’ll be pampered with a variety of covers for your ulu phone. Of course, try your luck out with 木 too. Keep up the wood work, Taobao.

My cover feels solid, the inside of the cover comes with a velvet layer so it doesn’t leave marks on your phone when you take it out and draws compliments every time I casually-purposely display it on the table when I’m out with friends.

Yes, 90% of it isn’t wooden, but glass + wood is a pretty sweet combo. It’s a 15-minute hour glass that helps me be productive during the day – flip the hourglass and make sure you finish whatever you’re doing before the sand runs out.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m already looking at wooden cups, wooden water bottles, wooden desk calendars and wooden notebooks. Maybe a wooden t-shirt someday, you never know. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a woody too. Leave a comment below if you found some cool wooden stuff too!

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