Wooden It Be Good?

Posted by Dinh Nghia Tran on
Wooden It Be Good?

It’s generally agreed that the very first machines we can nowadays still recognizably describe as “bikes” were built in the early 1800′s. Two wheeled, human powered… and made almost entirely of wood.

A minor trend has developed over the past few years for eschewing carbon, steel and aluminium frames in favour of something more tree-y. We have some pictures this morning of a fine attempt from one of our readers.

Italian Architect Paul Quintabà sent us some snaps just before we went on holidays of his most recently completed hobby project. An enthusiastic weekend woodworker, Paul has in the past done several boat restoring jobs. This time he decided to try his hand at a wooden bike.

Paul decided he necessarily had to take a steel fork, but he has playfully coated it with a fine veneer. Also, we should probably mention that none of the componentry is wooden. And nor is the saddle, as you can see from the nameplate. But in all other respects, it’s a bona fide wooden bike.

Chiefly using mahogany and marine plywood, Paul worked a day or so per week for three months to finish his project. And next up is a companion piece for his wife, he tells us. Possibly not using mahogany this time, but ash or beech.

Feel free to let loose in our Comments Section should you have any queries in regard to technical questions surrounding the machine’s construction. We feel sure somebody will have an answer…

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